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Winnielle Pereira- Boldly She Moves Series

Today, we begin our Boldly She Moves series. Our first feature is Ms. Winnielle Pereira, who resides in St. Kitts & Nevis. Her story is captivating to everyone. As an entrepreneur, her goal is to not only be successful but inspire and empower many as she triumphs. Please read below our dialogue with Ms. Pereira.

Pure Niceness by Winnielle

Please tell us about yourself. Who are you? What are your passions in life? We want to know you?

Blessed Love! I am a woman that loves to give and receive love, I move through life focusing on the positive and sharing high and good vibes. I enjoy making others feel great when in my presence. Each day I learn more ways to love myself, which allows me to naturally love others. I was born on the island of Antigua -Barbuda and raised in the Caribbean island of St. Kitts- Nevis. I am very proud to be an African woman. I was blessed with the spirit of creativity and so my passions at vast. Everything in this world is a creation and my passion connects to what I love. I love people, I love nature, I love art, I love traveling, I love learning and evolving myself; that's my lifestyle... to grow in mindfulness and become more awakened through newfound knowledge and practices. I am passionate about all of the above things which bring me comfort and joy as I learn to know myself.

What was your defining moment? What mission or purpose did it leave you with in life?

I have had many defining moments in my 40 years of being. Let me exhale to think of the most powerful moment (EXHALE). I was experiencing an extremely difficult time as a single mother, financially, emotionally, physically and mentally. I was broken into many pieces inside… and one day an amazing opportunity manifested from my thoughts, visions, and desires that I had been focused on for almost a year. I was asked to travel to Nigeria to be a Model Trainer/ Choreographer for the Ecowas Peace Pageant. This awoke so magical fire within me. The opportunity, the experience, it elevated my realization of the power I had within, to manifest, no matter the times I faced, it gave me such amazing feeling and inspired me in tremendous ways that have led to the heightening of my mission and purpose.

My mission, so simple… Believe in me, all things are possible when you believe and work in sync, mind, body, and spirit. Because I believe in myself, at whole new heights, it has absolutely naturally empowered me to share more love, a vibrant love. Love is a healer! it is the one thing that can transform everything or everyone into the greatness of living, experiencing the fullness the joy and oneness of every living thing. My purpose, everything my heart desires I will ensure that it is kind, it is good, it helps my wellbeing as well as others.

Tell us about your company and organization?

I have created two amazing brands out of my love. My company Pure Niceness and my nonprofit organization, Girls Illuminated. Pure Niceness is a beauty and wellness self-care brand. I curate and handcraft, high vibed products for both hair and skin care, using natural ingredients. I wanted my brand to not only help others to heal through its daily use but to give them a feel-good through my social media posts. My customer service and the overall energy released from this brand Pure Niceness promotes an "upful" lifestyle, where you show love, be nice, take care of yourself, and be mindful. Now, that's the pure niceness vibe.

Girls Illuminated! I share this nonprofit journey with my daughter Destinee as we are both founders. Girls illuminated is a girl enrichment - Health & Wellness movement that creates a safe space for black girls from various communities to learn, be empowered, be inspired and uplifted. They receive and give love while experiencing and embracing many transforming vibrations such as Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Painting, Entrepreneurship, Our History, Self Confidence/ Self Esteem, Vision Boarding, Exploring historical places in our Federation, Eating well and so much more.

Our summer program has brought joy into many girls and has encouraged them to strive to be better. We are grateful to be able to see the smiles and hear the heartwarming testimonials of girls who experience our program and the parents and guardians are very grateful and pleased with our existence. 2020 will be our fourth year and we have already begun to curate another amazing curriculum for their upliftment. This movement is an honor to us, to own.

Girls illuminated

What do you intend to accomplish?

I intend to continue to evolve daily in being a better woman. In turn, everything I dream and choose to manifest will be done with love, wisdom, more consciously, and more mindfully.

Who is your mean audience or target market?

Anyone who is into positivity and or wellbeing knows it's about positively influencing and helping.

What is the one thing you can share about success?

Success is defined by yourself. Everyone visualizes success uniquely. Success to me is doing what you love and impacting those around you positively. It is about being able to truly love who you are and be content while you continue to grow in this life we are living on earth. Growth – Ukuaji is a success… when the foundation you build and evolve on is love.

A woman's world is beyond kitchen utensils, who is the modern woman?

Modern, ancient, every woman is divinely connected. We are women. We are all here to live our lives the way we choose, that’s our birthright. No boxes, no cages, no barriers, we just deserve to be free to be respected, loved, protected, uplifted, honored.

How can we support your efforts?

The wonderful platform called social media. Connect with me and feel free to show support in any way you can. No expectations and I give thanks for all sorts of support. Sharing my posts, showing love, sharing knowledge, purchasing products, donating to our nonprofit in various ways, everything is everything. I am just grateful for positive energy.

Winnielle Pereira

How can people reach you? Please provide us your website, social media handles and all of your marketing you would like included with this blog post.

Facebook – Winnielle Pereira - Pure Niceness by Winnielle- Girls Illuminated St. Kitts

Instagram - DivinelyWinnielle – PureNicenessbyWinnielle – GirlsIlluminatedSKN



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