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Christie Brown (Ghana)

Founded in March 2008, creative director Aisha Obuobi has always attributed her motivation for fashion to watching her grandmother Christie Brown, a seamstress. Having celebrated 10 years, the brand takes our breath every collection with a blend of modernism and tradition.

Pichulik (South Africa)

Crafted in Cape Town, South Africa Pichulik jewelry is handcrafted of locally sourced materials. Inspired by the intimate relationship between women and jewelry, the brand has brought together a Pan African team to empower, mentor, and collaborate in order to advance the development of women.

Afrikanus (Angola)

Creative Director Rui Lopes is one of Africa’s top designers. A brand from Angola, Rui Lopes is gifted at accented African print in the making of his garment. Afrikanus is no stranger to many runways around the word. At the same time, it is a household brand in Angola and the brand is expanding beyond the customers in the nation.

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